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Tri-Station Triple Cut Envelope Opener & Extractor

Most commonly used for folded-page, order fulfillment, claims and tax applications — along with thickness exceptions outsorted from an auto extraction process. The Agissar Triple Cut Tri-Station enables three operators to share the flow of one Triple Cut opener, with a footprint about half the square footage of three single-operator stations. It is well suited for mail extraction and image preparation solutions for thick, folder, complex and intermixed-size mail.

As with our Dual-Flex Station, the Tri-Station features independent extract conveyors with unique smart-gating, so the fastest operator is never restricted by the slower ones. It also features an automatic conveyor and vacuum-feed design for reliable presentation of envelopes to the operators. Often enhanced with our Thickness/Metal Outsort option, the Tri-Station is ideal for thickness outsorted windowed envelope payments from an auto extraction process.

Most commonly used for folded page, order fulfillment, claims, and tax applications, as well as thickness outsort exception work from an auto extraction process.  The Triple Cut Tri-Station is well suited for mail extraction and image preparation solutions which contain thick, folded, complex, and intermixed sized mail.

The Agissar Triple Cut Tri-Station allows 3 operators to share the flow of one Triple Cut opener. This configuration utilizes half the square footage of 3 single operator stations.

Like the Triple Cut Dual Flex, the Tri-Station utilizes smart- gating technology to distribute mail opened on 3 sides to 2 separate extraction conveyors.  The primary extraction conveyor is shared by 2 operators and Secondary or Flex conveyor is occupied by a 3rd individual.

The key benefits of the Triple Cut Tri-Station include:

  • Less Capital
  • Less Processing Time
  • Less Square Footage
  • Less Direct Management
  • Less Service Expense
  • Less Equipment Required
  • Less Cut Folded-Checks
  • DIMENSIONS Standard Configuration: 375” L x 75” D
  • WEIGHT: 600 lbs.
  • ELECTRICAL: 117 volts; 60 HZ; 15 amp (20 amp for healthcare configurations)
  • HEAT EMISSION: 4,500 BTU/Hour
  • ENVELOPE SPECIFICATIONS: Handles envelope sizes ranging in size from 3 1/2 inches high by 5 1/4 inches long to 4 7/8 inches high by 9 1/2 inches long.

In the world of incoming mail there is what we call the good, the bad, and the ugly mail.  When Agissar first introduced extraction workstations for Tax & Claims operations in the early 2000’s we quickly realized that folded page processing was as ugly and slow as exception mail gets.

In order to overcome the slow nature of the work and overcome what would lend itself to a low utilization rate of a single operator extraction workstation we began delivering multi-operator configurations that allowed one machine to supply 2, 3 or 4 workstation positions.

By doing this, the automation was no longer cost prohibitive for these groups. Next we set out to create a self-managing environment that kept mail clerks in a production mode. This program we referred to as the expeditor program. The program was developed to remove all support tasks and distractions from mail clerks performing the extraction / prep process with the exception of batching.

Errant envelope feeding, transfer jams, incomplete slicing, etc. was not uncommon. Nevertheless, we proved that one expeditor could comfortably sustain up to 12 operators with a constant flow of work. Tax, Fulfillment, & Claims processors nationwide embraced the expeditor program and watched their throughput rates soar. Typical installations boasted throughput rates of nearly twice that of their previously manual environment.

We were revolutionizing the way Orders, Tax & Claims were being processed.  However, Agissar wasn’t going to stop there.  As students of the industry, we sought out to develop the industries only product specifically crafted to handle this thick exception mail in a semi-automated environment. Our initial efforts challenged the imagination of users with direct knowledge of the nuances associated with heavy envelope processing.

As a result of a collective effort of Agissar users, Agissar service personnel, and Agissar engineers, at our custom solutions engineering facility in Stratford, CT, the heavy mail package was born. There is no other product in the world that handles heavy mail like this one.

By creating a work environment that allows mail clerks to focus on the production task Agissar has helped organizations like yours attain throughputs that were never possible in a manual environment.  We have met our CEO’s goal.

Today we remain the only vendor capable of doing a work flow study of any labor intensive manual process and delivering a product streamlined and customized to the end user’s specifications with built in scalability to expand from one to four operating workstations per customer requirement today or at a later date.

We remain the only vendor capable of providing textbook truth in reporting, metrics and machine utilization to both the managerial and supervisory personnel by providing real time feedback to production personnel via a dynamic production data collection tool (INFOPointe and INFOPoll) serving all three entities. The information is available to all users in the format required to allow instant interpretation of equipment use and labor input.

The clerks are driven by built in speedometers displaying a comparison of each individual’s actual hourly throughput rate to the expected hourly throughput rate. Color coded zones indicate whether the operator is below, at, or beyond the preset job standard.

Obviously this performance tool constantly drives the clerical personnel towards the preset standards given the display that jumps out at you coupled with the moving envelope conveyor built into the associated workstations.

  • Vacuum feed design (versus friction feed) helps to eliminate double feeding
  • Opens top and both sides of envelope for three-sided slicing
  • Adjustable and self-sharpening tool steel blades for accurate and precise cutting
  • Cycles up to 4,100 envelopes per hour
  • Open access track
  • Variable speed control on extract conveyor
  • CDM (Contents Detection Monitor) reads contents channel and each side panel of the envelope for loss prevention of un-extracted contents
  • Ergonomically designed work surfaces
  • Ergonomic Balance – all sortation bins are within 14-16 inch reach, meeting OSHA’s reach standards, and designed for maximum document capacity
  • Envelope Counter – However we strongly recommend our INFOPointe real time data collector option.

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