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Quad Station Triple Cut Envelope Opener & Extractor

Most commonly used for folded-page, order fulfillment, claims and tax applications — along with thickness exceptions outsorted from an auto extraction process. The Agissar Triple Cut Quad Station enables four operators to share the flow of one Triple Cut opener, with a footprint about half the square footage of four single-operator stations. It is well suited for mail extraction and image preparation solutions for thick, folder, complex and intermixed-size mail and/or non-windowed envelope jobs.

As with our Dual-Flex Station and Tri-Station, the Quad Station features independent extract conveyors with unique smart-gating, so the fastest operator is never restricted by the slower ones. It also features an automatic conveyor and vacuum-feed design for reliable presentation of envelopes to the operators. Often enhanced with our Thickness/Metal Outsort option, the Quad Station is ideal for thickness outsorted windowed envelope payments from an auto extraction process.

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