INFOPoll® Enterprise

Integrating total accountability into the heart of your mailroom.

INFOPoll® Enterprise Edition

There are common reasons most incoming mail solutions fail to meet their goals. They fail to take into account the multiple distractions that creep into the process and management lacks real time visibility into the multiple manual processes that are often hard to measure. As a result, extraction rates fall far short of what you planned for which can lead to missed deadlines and excessive backlogs while you spend far too much time trying to measure and manage operator productivity across your enterprise.

The field proven INFOPoll® System from Agissar
High precision tracking with real time accountability.

INFOPoll® is an advanced real time data collection system with integrated bar coding, designed specifically for mailroom/remittance and item processing operations.

INFOPoll® generates an invaluable array of customizable reports — giving you the real time utilization and throughput data you need for total machine and work force management and effective workflow maximization.

INFOPoll® allows operations to account for the entire lifecycle of physical documents from their receipt in the mailroom through processing to short and long term storage and ultimately destruction.

Instant at a glance status of your entire operation.

With our networked INFOPoll® solution, the INFOPointe® data collection modules installed on each machine reports back to the system on a wealth of key performance indicators. So with a glance, operations personnel see the real time status of every machine on the INFOPoll® desktop application.

Based on user configurable parameters, the invaluable stream of INFOPoll® data is compared to the standards set for each job. This true utilization perspective enables you to maximize efficiency and avoid purchasing additional machines.

  • The wide range of trackable parameters include:
  • Runtime vs. Real Time
  • Up, Down, and Idle time for specific timeframes
  • Operator related maintenance
  • Throughput vs. Real Time
  • Stoppage Rate for breaks
  • Specific Times for job related tasks.

With a robust system architecture, utilizing a SQL server back end, INFOPoll® can be seamlessly integrated with the existing production technology you already own.

INFOPoll® Enterprise Edition is an automated Workforce Management System. In real time, workers and management receive feedback on how they are performing in comparison to the reasonable expectation set for each job ID and task type.

This real time feedback to individual workers foster a self-managing environment that after the event type production tracking & reporting systems don’t address. As a result workers are motivated to complete tasks on time and within budget.

INFOPoll®’s Tracker module is used to manage the location and handling of physical units-of-work (envelopes, boxes, trays, etc.) throughout the entire document life cycle. This tracking provides chain of custody reporting that supports strict audit requirements for the most sensitive documents.

Post scan, the Box Management module helps mailrooms manage the location and retention of both short and long term paper storage.

Imaging System Integrator App

Our Imaging System Integrator App is an API that allows you to integrate INFOPoll® with a variety of image capture platforms. The software allows you to tie batches created in INFOPoll® to your electronic batches created on your scanner.

The software updates the chain of custody for batches automatically and marks them as scanned in the INFOPoll® system. It also provides statistics on scanner throughput by operator and scanning platform for a centralized production reporting system.

Central Dispatch App

The Central Dispatch App allows you to manage all of your departmental activities through one simple to use interface. The app is compatible with all Windows tablets. When used with a secured wireless connection to the INFOPoll® database server this touch friendly and barcode enabled design provides fast, mobile, and accurate distribution and tracking of work orders.

What defines the INFOPoll® solution is complete accountability of people, equipment, and documents. Quite simply put, the INFOPoll® System gives management the data they need to be successful and provides immediate feedback to the individuals performing the production task of mail extraction and document prep.

INFOPoll® Enterprise Edition

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INFOPoll® Web Warehouse

Agissar Corporation - Quality Mail Extraction Products offering a Complete Line of Envelope Sorting and Mail Extracting Equipment Located in CT, USA

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Agissar Corporation - Quality Mail Extraction Products offering a Complete Line of Envelope Sorting and Mail Extracting Equipment Located in CT, USA

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