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ACE Auto Opener and Extractor

With the addition of our scalable Thickness/Metal Outsort and Pocket-Select Software from your image software vendor, the ACE Auto Extractor enables you to you can take advantage of the processing efficiencies offered by ARC and/or Check 21.

The standard configuration includes Agissar’s integrated thickness & metal detection & outsort pocket, as well as our Auto Stacker for all coupon/check only transactions. With the ACE Auto Extractor, it is possible for a single operator to achieve 9,000+ auto-extractions per hour. Your capital expenditure is only about half the cost of an auto extractor with integrated auto orientation. And a single operator can typically handle up to three ACE Auto Extractors simultaneously.

With electronic deposits becoming the standard in the industry it means that checks no longer need to be encoded.

Software from your image vendor can eliminate the need for expensive automatic extraction equipment that is capable of orienting a check as MICR data can now be accurately lifted via OCR.

Agissar’s ACE solution allows 1 operator to achieve 9,000+ per hour envelope extractions per hour and it does not require a $250,000+ USD investment to achieve these rates.  One operator typically can handle 3 units simultaneously.

Our ACE system includes the high resolution thickness detection option and outsort pocket for non-conforming transactions (folded checks, multi-pays, etc.).  ACE also includes our automatic document stacker for all extracted coupon / check only transactions with a load capacity of 1,350 to 1,500 transactions.

Key benefits:

  • A single operator can handle multiple units
  • Proven engineering
  • Simple design
  • Flexible system – ACE is the only product that can operate as a fully automatic mail extractor and semi-automatic extractor
  • Maximum uptime
  • DIMENSIONS: 103” L x 42” D
  • WEIGHT: 600 lbs.
  • ELECTRICAL: 117 volts; 60 HZ; 20 amp
  • HEAT EMISSION: 4,500 BTU/Hour
  • ENVELOPE SPECIFICATIONS: Handles envelope sizes ranging in size from 3 1/2 inches high by 5 1/4 inches long to 4 7/8 inches high by 9 1/2 inches long.

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