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Single Operator Triple Cut Envelope Opener & Extractor

Most frequently used in remittance applications for coupons and checks, the Agissar Triple Cut Single Operator Station is simply the fastest semi-auto extraction configuration available. Split-screen studies have shown that — for applications incorporating windowed envelopes and 85% coupon/check-only type transactions — this moving-conveyor driven solution is 25% faster than a traditional one-at-a-time, presentation-for-grasp workstation.

Ready to leverage the benefits of ARC & Check 21

With the addition of Agissar’s scalable Thickness/Metal Outsort and ACE Auto Stacker, and Pocket-Select Software from your image software vendor, you can take advantage of the processing efficiencies offered by ARC and/or Check 21. This fully compliant solution is far superior to the usual mechanical or physical gymnastics needed to rectify incorrect check orientations. Ideal for sites processing less than 10,000 transactions on a peak day, where full conversion to either ARC or Check 21 isn’t feasible.

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