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Single Operator Triple Cut Envelope Opener & Extractor

Most frequently used in remittance applications for coupons and checks, the Agissar Triple Cut Single Operator Station is simply the fastest semi-auto extraction configuration available. Split-screen studies have shown that — for applications incorporating windowed envelopes and 85% coupon/check-only type transactions — this moving-conveyor driven solution is 25% faster than a traditional one-at-a-time, presentation-for-grasp workstation.

Ready to leverage the benefits of ARC & Check 21

With the addition of Agissar’s scalable Thickness/Metal Outsort and ACE Auto Stacker, and Pocket-Select Software from your image software vendor, you can take advantage of the processing efficiencies offered by ARC and/or Check 21. This fully compliant solution is far superior to the usual mechanical or physical gymnastics needed to rectify incorrect check orientations. Ideal for sites processing less than 10,000 transactions on a peak day, where full conversion to either ARC or Check 21 isn’t feasible.

Our Single Station configuration is most frequently used in remittance (coupon / check) applications. This is simply the fastest semi-auto extraction configuration available from any vendor.

The system incorporates 3 Sided Opening and content separation and a unique moving conveyor design   that will beat a one at a time type presentation for grasp by as much as 25%.

The balance of potential left or right handed grasping and sorting is both a sound ergonomic answer and the not so obvious logic as to why our user base achieves the highest performance levels.

With the flexibility to field upgrade this unit to a multi operator configuration, or our fully automated ACE configuration, the Single Operator Station Triple Cut is a great investment for years to come.

  • DIMENSIONS: 80” L x 40” D
  • WEIGHT: 250 pounds.
  • ELECTRICAL: 117 volts; 60 HZ; 15 amp
  • HEAT EMISSION: 4,500 BTU/Hour
  • ENVELOPE SPECIFICATIONS: Handles envelope sizes ranging in size from 3 1/2 inches high by 5 1/4 inches long to 4 7/8 inches high by 9 1/2 inches long.

The impact of ARC and CHECK 21, along with Pocket Select Software run on your image platform, makes this solution, along with our scalable Thickness Outsort and Auto Stacker options (our ACE configuration), your most flexible choice. If you do not know what Pocket Select software is please contact us and we’ll share this idea that explains how upstream front and rear image cameras on your image transport (i.e., NCR iTRAN, Unisys QUANTUM or BancTec X-SERIES) can lower your cost to extract documents.  Sites are now auto extracting with the Agissar ACE.

  • Vacuum feed design (versus friction feed) helps to eliminate double feeding
  • Opens top and both sides of envelope for three-sided slicing
  • Adjustable and self-sharpening tool steel blades for accurate and precise cutting
  • Cycles up to 4,100 envelopes per hour
  • Open access track
  • Variable speed control on extract conveyor
  • CDM (Contents Detection Monitor) reads contents channel and each side panel of the envelope for loss prevention of un-extracted contents
  • Ergonomically designed work surfaces
  • Ergonomic Balance – all sortation bins are within 14-16 inch reach, meeting OSHA’s reach standards, and designed for maximum document capacity
  • Envelope Counter – However we strongly recommend our INFOPointe real time data collector option.

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