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APS 45 – Automated Incoming Envelope Sorter

Agissar APS-45 – The fastest most accurate automated envelope sorter for incoming mail.

The Agissar APS-45 is a front end automatic envelope sorter for a remittance extraction process or State Tax. The APS-45 does not open or extract. It sorts and profiles incoming mail into more easily managed groups.  The APS-45 multi-pocket sorter cycles at 45,000 per hour when running 7” envelopes.  Functional throughput is 41,000 per hour.

Key benefits:

  • Small footprint
  • Automatically segregates perfect pairs (2 document transactions) from single, multi, and folded document transactions
  • Makes separation based upon MICR presence (check or no check transactions)
  • Takes misdirected mail offline

OCR capabilities

Envelope images can be retained and ingested into our INFOPoll Web Warehouse.  Certified or return mail can be viewed on a webpage for down stream processing.  Automate your return mail with INFOPoll.


  • DIMENSIONS: 3’ W x 20’ long (for standard 9 pocket)
  • WEIGHT: 1,500 lbs.
  • ELECTRICAL: 208 volts; 3 phase; 5 wire; 50 amp
  • HEAT EMISSION: 30,000 BTU/Hour (maximum)
  • ENVELOPE SPECIFICATION: Up to 9 1/2 inches long; adjustment can accommodate longer envelopes



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